Whitney Houston Still Crazy, Sober

Listen, Whitney Houston don’t need no seat belts. The power of her mind will keep her from flying twenty feet into the air in the event of a crash. So of course Whitney Houston is going to get a little diva on crew members who tell her to buckle up.

We’re told Whitney refused and “got diva” on the crew member … until another crew member came over and warned Houston that if she didn’t buckle up, she would have to get off the plane.

Whitney eventually allowed one of the crew members to grab the buckle and fasten it for the singer — and the plane was then cleared for takeoff.

Sources close to the singer tell us … Whitney “overreacted a little bit after missing an earlier flight but she’s still 100% sober and was on the way to Detroit for her first day of shooting a new movie.” TMZ

You know there’s a problem when, after every incident, friends feel the need to mention you’re 100% sober. Granted, that doesn’t help the crazy. Luckily, the crew member calmed Whitney down by making choo-choo train noises while fastening the seatbelt.

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10 years ago

You can’t fix stupid or crazy.

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