Celebrity Asses On Display in ‘Culo’

Photographer Ralphael Mazzucco released a book titled Culo and if you know any Italian/Spanish/etc. at all, you already know this book is about asses. The new coffee table book features asses from celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger, Stacy Keibler, Lady Gaga, Fergie, Alessandra Ambrosio and more. Even Diddy gave the book his approval.

“Raphael is a true artist,” Diddy says of the famed fashion photographer in a press release for the book. “He relies on instinct, capturing a raw, natural sense of beauty through his lens.” PEOPLE

I feel like that press release could have been condensed to just: “Dayaaaam! Dat ass!” A few excerpts below including Scherzinger, Keibler, Ambrosio, Kate Upton, Christie Teigan and Irina Shayk. Video also below.

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11 years ago

As long as they’re aren’t any fat-ass armenians in it, I say YAY !!!

11 years ago
Reply to  'smite

*there aren’t

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