Courtney Stodden’s Boobs Went to Church

Courtney Stodden slid into a black dress, pushed her boobs up to her chin, slapped on some gold heels and went to church with her 51-year-old boyfriend Doug Hutchison and her mother. They later went shopping at The Grove where she picked up something from Victoria’s Secret.

I’m actually amazed her breasts didn’t go up in flames as soon as she stepped into that holy place. God was probably busy watching football.

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Love Me Daddyyyyy
Love Me Daddyyyyy
12 years ago

Her boobs are actually average, she just uses major push up bras and contouring makeup to enhance the cleavage effect.  Soon enough she will get JWoww ridiculous implants.  ANY female can buy fake boobs.  Very tacky looking. Sad.