Demi Moore Cheated on Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kucher wasn’t the only unfaithful one in his relationship with Demi Moore. A source claims to In Touch that Demi hooked up with Ben Hollingsworth, a Canadian actor she befriended when he moved to LA.

Demi, 48, met Ben, 27, when he moved from Canada to LA. He was a struggling actor and Demi made it her responsibility to help bolster his career. “He was star starstruck from the start,” the insider tells In Touch. Demi and Ben formed a “fast friendship” that quickly developed into something more.

Demi took Ben around Hollywood introducing him to everyone and showing him the hippest spots, shares the source. She even introduced him to Ashton, and helped Ben with his role on The Beautiful Life on the CW (Ashton, 33, was the executive producer of the show). ”She helped him a lot,” says the source.

Ben was even invited to party at Demi’s house with his friends. “They smoked a lot of weed,” reveals the source. “Demi [who didn’t smoke] was cool about it all. She and Ashton acted like teenagers.”

Then, one night Demi gave Ben a ride after a night out partying. “They wound up having sex in the back of the car,” says the insider. “It just kept going from there.”

“[Ben] said she was really hot and she took care of him,” adds the insider. Hollywood Life

This is Hollywood where debauchery is king. Everyone cheats on everybody. It all boils down to who can cover it up the best. Apparently these two suck at it.

In related news, Demi’s ex-husband, Bruce Wills, made Ashton Kutcher cry.

“Ashton kept avoiding Bruce’s calls and texts, but finally agreed to meet his wife’s ex-husband at a private location,” said a close pal of the couple.

“Bruce was livid! He reamed Ashton for his cheating – and humiliating not just ex-wife Demi, but his three daughters as well. He went at Ashton full force, giving him no time to make excuses for his embarrassing behavior, demanding that he get his act together FAST!

“Ashton finally broke down in tears, weeping uncontrollably as he begged for forgiveness.”

The “Two and a Half Men” star – devastated because Demi’s consulted a divorce attorney – begged Bruce to step in and stop her from committing to a separation.

He reportedly vowed to Bruce: “I will NEVER, EVER cheat again!” National Enquirer

Aw, someone call the wahmbulance. Get a hold of yourself, man. You didn’t run over a homeless guy and try to hide the evidence. You banged an average looking blonde in your hotel room. When Ashton started weeping, I hope Bruce Willis looked at him disgusted and screamed, “Stop crying, you pussy!”

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Gimme Miles Mofo
Gimme Miles Mofo
12 years ago

Oh my God, I SO don’t give a FLYING F**K !!!  I am convinced that all actors in Hollyweird swap the same genital wart back and forth so often it has a BILLION frequent fuckers’ miles…Can a brother get a mileage transfer?

12 years ago

Demi dumped Ashton because of Justin Bieber.

12 years ago

Neither of those reports seem true.

12 years ago

Scorpio women are sex adicts as far as I know. They will tell the spouse what they are doing and they will have men and women in bed. It is true. The only way they get away with it is they tell the husbands and they say “it is not cheating because I told you what I am doing”.
What kind of world do we live in???
Most scorpio women are addicted.