George Clooney Let Stacy Keibler Be Seen With Him Again

Stacy Keibler no longer has to follow ten steps behind George Clooney’s fart or leave out the back of a restaurant while Clooney exits out the front. She’s graduated and can now be right by Clooney’s side.

Here they are at yet another Descendents premiere. This time in LA. And this time George even showed some PDA by kissing her hand. This relationship seems to be on an accelerated pace. Possibly because Stacy can kick George’s ass.

“She’s very tall,” Clooney noted to E! News’ Giuliana Rancic at last night’s red carpet premiere of The Descendants. “And she can take me two out of three falls. That’s important, too.”

As Giuliana then said to him: What?

Well, a fall refers to the end of a wrestling match, so apparently Clooney was referring to his lady’s athletic prowess, which she acquired as a brutal(ly good-looking) member of the WCW and WWE circuit.

“She can kick my ass,” Clooney explained simply—and out of Keibler’s ear-shot. Oh, and he admitted that she’s really nice, too. E! News

I doubt George even minds that he gets his ass kicked by a girl. I bet when Stacy pins George down, sits on his face and yells, “How do you like this? Huh? Huh?!,” George just lies there with an erection. Who wouldn’t? Just look at her. She’s basically 2/3 legs.

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12 years ago

Clooney considers these sluts used sports cars.  Pick them up slightly used but in good shape, drive ’em hard, keep them maintained and show ’em off.  When they develop a problem, start acting up or start leaking – POOF – they’re history!!!  Then he goes and gets another one.  He’s a smart guy and used sports cars are easy to come by…