In Hindsight, This Sounds Bad

By now, everyone has probably heard about Jerry Saundusky, the accused Penn State child rapist. Well, Today dug up a 1987 NBC interview he did where he talked about his charity for at-risk children, Second Mile, and everything seems a little creepier now that we know what he did in his free time. Choice quotes include:

– I enjoy being around children… I just have a good time with them.

– Everybody needs people to care for them, sometimes they don’t want it, sometimes they don’t understand what you’re trying to do, but they want to be disciplined.

Wow. Is this the kind of pillow talk he used in the showers. Hopefully at one point he didn’t say to the kid he was raping, “This hurts me more than it hurts you.” Not only is that trite but I venture to guess it wasn’t true. At all.

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12 years ago

Who the f**k cares if he ruined Penn State!!! He fucked little kids!! This guy needs to get fucked by Bubba in the Federal Pound Sandusky in the ASS Penitentiary!  

Capt. Obv.
Capt. Obv.
12 years ago

The great part is he’ll be raped and murdered in prison.  Yay !!!