Jennifer Aniston Didn’t Buy an Apartment, Is Not Pregnant

Earlier, The Hollywood Reporter claimed Jennifer Aniston bought a $9 million apartment in New York, her third one. Meanwhile other publications were claiming she was pregnant. Neither of these rumors are true, it seems.

She refuted both at Monday’s dinner at MoMA by denying the apartment rumor while sipping on a vodka tonic.

Aniston herself laughed off the real estate rumor at Monday’s dinner at MoMA for the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, where she was an honoree.

Sipping a vodka tonic at the bar, the star received congrats about her “new” Gramercy home from pals. Giggling, she exclaimed, “no!” and explained that she checked out the home (where the monthly maintenance was a reported $11,000!) but opted to not to buy. Us Weekly

On the flip side, ahhh, Jennifer Aniston is lying about her apartment buying and is drowning her baby in vodka. Yep, just call me Star Magazine.

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