Lady Gaga Pees in Trash Cans

Not only do people have to put up with Lady Gaga’s look-at-me outfits, but they also have to put up with the possibility Lady Gaga peed in their trashcan. And I’m not talking about the ones you roll out on trash day, I’m talking about the ones in your room which are normally called wastebaskets. Gaga explains it’s because her costumes are so complex that she doesn’t have the ability to head down the hall to a real bathroom.

She tells U.K. talk show host Alan Carr, “I do quite often pee in the dressing room, in the trash can. It would have been an interesting photo today because I had a big pink bow on, and I was over the trash can…The bathroom is down the hall. And I was naked. It was just me, my bow and my nakedness. Me and my dustbin have a very important relationship.” StarPulse

I’d hate to be the maid that cleans up that room. Just imagine them taking out the bag only to find a hole in it and that there’s urine leaking all over the side of their leg. It would be like they were at a party with R. Kelly or something.

Here’s Lady Gaga in her sperm hat.

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12 years ago

why do celebs these days feel the need to be so weird and outlandish for attention these days? Utilize your talent, not being weird. k thanks.

12 years ago

She’s a real class act.