Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail

Lindsay Lohan showed up to court today and admitted she violated her probation by not showing up to therapy sessions as required by the court and by getting kicked out of the Downtown Women’s Center.

For this, Judge Sautner sentenced Lindsay to 30 days in jail which as already been whittled down to 6 days by the Sheriff’s Department. Hilarious since earlier Sheriff Lee Baca said he’d make room for her in jail and even recommended 60 days.

As for her community service, she’ll now have to serve it all at the morgue and will have to follow a strict schedule because Lindsay was obviously going to try and cram all her hours in at the last minute.

Judge Stephanie Sautner gave Lindsay a strict schedule on completing the rest of her probation — by December 14, she must have completed 12 days at the morgue and 4 psychotherapy sessions. By January 17, another 12 days at morgue and 4 psychotherapy sessions. And so on. Everything must be completed by March 29 — or she goes directly to jail for 270 days.

The judge clearly thinks Lindsay needs a rigid structure to complete her sentence, and as the judge put it, Lindsay is holding the keys to the jail cell. TMZ

Lindsay won’t be starting her sentence just yet though. The judge granted a delayed sentencing to allow Lindsay to finish her Playboy shoot. Lindsay’s lawyer told the judge if she went to jail now, she’d be in breach of a near $1 million contract.

Whew. Thank god the judge realized how important it was for Lindsay to wave her tits in front of a camera or else this would have been a disaster.

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12 years ago

Only 6 days? I sure wish California had their budget in order so we could lock her up for the full 30.

12 years ago

This is the least expensive form of publicity that exists, so jail it is !!!