Lindsay Lohan Spent 4 Hours in Jail

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 30 days in jail by Judge Sautner for violating her probation which she admitted to doing. This sentence was based on the promise by the Sheriff who said he’d make room for Lindsay to serve her full sentence. Apparently the Sheriff has an odd sense of humor because that never happened. Instead, Lindsay only spent around four hours in jail on Sunday. She checked into LA County jail at 8:50 p.m. and was out by 1:40 a.m. according to the AP.

It was the fifth jail sentence overall for Lohan, arrested twice in 2007 for drunk driving. Judge Stephanie Sautner gave the former Disney star her sentence last Wednesday after she missed 14 out of her 19 court-mandated psychotherapy sessions and canceled 12 of her 20 self-appointed downtown women’s center visits. Us Weekly

Us goes on to say she’ll avoid serving an additional 270 days if she finishes her community service at the morgue and attends her four psychotherapy sessions before December 14. But why should she care anyway? Nothing is going to happen to her. At worst, that 270 day jail sentence is going to turn into 24 hours and half of that time will be her sitting in booking while that bumblef**k sheriff asks his intern how to work the electronic finger print thingy.

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