Matthew Fox Countersues Vag Punch Victim

Matthew Fox is countersuing the bus driver, who claims he punched her in the vagina, calling her a liar. The woman says Fox attacked her when she told him to get off a party bus he drunkenly tried to board and that’s when Fox punched her in the breasts, arm, leg and vagina. The ancient art of Krav Vaja? Ugh, that was a terrible joke.

In his suit, Fox says the woman is lying and that she’s the one who physically attacked him. He claims the lie caused him to lose work and be subjected to “public hatred, contempt, ridicule and shame.” He’s suing for unspecified damages.

Bravo, Matthew Fox. I didn’t know how you’d make yourself look worse but congrats. Although, in Matthew’s defense, that woman’s vagina had it coming.

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10 years ago

So he grew that 70’s style muff for his face?  That’s taking vagina support too far.

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