Michelle Duggar Pregnant for the 20th Time

Michelle went on TODAY to tell everyone she’s expecting her 20th child. “I was not thinking that God would give us another one, and we are just so grateful.” Oh, sure, blame all this on God. He’ll be real happy about that.

One of these days I’m assembling a special ops team to invade Michelle Duggar’s vagina to extract her womb and firebomb her ovaries. For the good of mankind.

  • Aquinettanunley

    This woman is nasty . And I hate her . Really 20 kids . Ew .

  • stupidpeopleshouldn’tbreed

    They should shoot her, Octomom and Kate in the head.  The one thing you don’t need a license for – having kids.

  • Clare P Mccroy

    What a horrible thing to say!!!! So it’s okay for gay people to raise kids but they can’t have a lot of them????? You’re a prick!!!!

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