PETA Loves Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson partnered with Blackglama to sell a luxury mink pelt collection of 15 items including coats and gloves which will be sold at high-end stores. Suffice to say, fat chance of finding the collection at Walmart.

“The art of fashion is one of my great passions. I’ve worked for years to bring a collection into the world. Partnering with Blackglama is very exciting,” she said.

“When we began preparation for the second Blackglama campaign, Janet became very involved in the design process. The result was an amazing collection of Blackglama garments and accessories that reflect Janet’s tremendous sense of style and fashion,” said Mike McCrea, VP of Marketing for Blackglama.

“This is one of the most visually appealing and innovative Blackglama collections I have seen.” IB Times

However, this announcement has one dork in a tizzy. A long time fan was so disgusted by the news that he’s now decided to get a life. Sean Oltersdorf of Michigan was so upset that he’s eBay-ing his entire 25-year-plus collection of Janet items which include posters, magazines, photos and vinyl.

“I am a long-time Janet Jackson fan — or, I should say, I used to be. I am disgusted and have decided I want to auction off my entire 25 years-plus of Janet items and donate the proceeds to PETA,” said Oltersdorf.

Asked if he’s going to sell his Janet Jackson hair-doll he made out of strands of Janet’s hair he collected after sneaking into her dressing room during her concerts, he clutched Ms. Jackson to his chest and hissed.

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King of Poop
King of Poop
11 years ago

In Janet’s defense, she turned down her first offer to work with Michael Vick on a line of dog fur underwear.

Griffin Darrick
Griffin Darrick
11 years ago

Go Janet, live your life and who cares what people think and say. When you try to live your life right and honest, these people still find something to say about you, so keep doing you. You was never a fan anyway if your selling her things. Throw it away who cares, its just material. You the one holding on to it. Go get em Janet, dont let these fans run your life.