Rumer Willis Has New Tats

Rumer Willis showed off her new ink while walking through LA on Thursday. No word on when she got them or if they’re even real, but everyone seems to think they’re fake given how long it would take to do all of these.

She’s probably just acting out about Ashton and Demi’s cheating scandal like most children would. Some kids get drunk and stumble into a tattoo parlor at 3 a.m. in the morning, Rumer Willis gets a sugar high off chocolate milk and deposits 25 cents in a vending machine for temporary ones.

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Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad
12 years ago

More ugly on ugly…too bad.

kat von dick
kat von dick
12 years ago

Man – she needs new shoes and clothes with a hem that aren’t cut.  Fake tattoos and bad roots..poor thing.