The Kardashians Are Sensitive

Apparently the Kardashians don’t like being reminded that the only reason Kim is famous is because Ray J released a sex tape of her and maybe peed on her and they certainly do not like to be reminded that Bruce Jenner looks drag queen scarecrow. That’s a hell they have to live with every day.

Joel McHale went on Conan last week and said whenever he makes fun of Kim, her mom, Kris, calls E! and whines. “I bring up the thing that made Kim famous, which is the sex tape with Ray J. Kim’s mom would call E! much like an old lady neighbour going like, ‘Your son’s baseball landed in my window again’, and they don’t like it when we bring it up.”

Well, that’s exactly how you don’t get someone to quit making fun of you. By letting them know it’s getting to you. It’s like in school when you get a wedgie. You don’t cry in front of the girl who did it. You uncomfortably walk down the hall until you find a janitor’s closet to silently weep in. That story was hypothetical, by the way. Video under the cut.

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12 years ago

Mc Hale, did you know this?


NOVEMBER 27, 2011

Momma Jenner is bring out Kendall Jenner now as Kims replacement and gave her daughter a new range rover so she would drink her Koolaid.. Do you think it is a little like a pedophile when you do that and then pimp them out?

Capt. Obv.
Capt. Obv.
12 years ago

Yay !!! Joel calls COW-PIG-WHORE’s family COW-PIG-WHORES !!!  But the state of California uses Kim in their commercials…”everyone thinks fame whore’s in California are all giant sluts…”  They are.