Britney Spears Might Get Engaged

According to multiple sources, Britney Spears is getting engaged to Jason Trawick tonight. In Las Vegas. And Britney already knows. Wait, wouldn’t that mean they’re already engaged if Britney knows? Being a celebrity with a conservatorship is so confusing.

Sources say Britney’s conservators have given their stamp of approval. The matter will go before the judge in the conservatorship case but it’s virtually certain Brit will get the judge’s sign off.

And we’re told … Jason did it the old fashioned way … by asking Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears, for permission to marry his daughter.

And they’re also doing it the new-fashioned way … we’ve learned there WILL be a prenup. TMZ

If I didn’t know who Britney was and didn’t know she bastes turkeys with $100 bills, this would be a red flag. It’s almost never a good sign when you ask a girl to marry you and she says she first has to make sure the courts deem her mentally fit to say yes.

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