Charlie Sheen Tried to Pick Up Justin Bieber

Charlie Sheen fielded a deluge of random phone calls after accidentally posting his phone number on Twitter. He originally wanted to send his digits as a DM to Justin Bieber writing “310-954-7277 Call me bro. C.”

He instantly received 1,800 texts in a matter of minutes and his phone melted down. Physically melted. Because his sh*t was blowin’ up. Charlie answered a few times saying things like “Ray’s Pizza” and “Winning.” The number has since been disconnected.

Though what people really want to know was why Charlie wanted to talk to Bieber. That conversation could have been really confusing. Charlie probably wanted to know how much a hot piece of ass like Selena Gomez cost and then Justin would have told him that he doesn’t pay for her and Charlie would go, “yea, I know you don’t pay MONEY for her, but what gifts did you have to buy her?” and it would keep going on and on until Charlie got distracted by a bird flying by his window. And by bird, I mean whore.

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Chuck's Pimp
Chuck's Pimp
11 years ago

Hey, in the dark, Bieber’s a hot 15 year old chick!  Beebs poked his pecker in and Charlie went to town!

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