Christian Bale Gets Pushed Around in China

In China to promote Flowers of War, Christian Bale took a detour to a village in eastern China to pay his respects to 40-year-old Chen Guangcheng, a self-taught blind lawyer who campaigned against victims of abusive practices of China’s family-planning officials (forced abortions) in the late 1990s. Chen has been confined to his home with his wife, mother and daughter and watched 24/7 by¬†guards¬†since he was released from prison. He was sentenced to four years on what many believe were trumped up charges.

Bale learned about him through a CNN report and wanted to “meet the man, shake his hand and say what an inspiration he is.” He didn’t get the chance as when he arrived, plain clothes guards shouted at Bale, CNN correspondent Stan Grant and cameraman Brad Olson to “Go away!” Bale, forgetting he’s in China, asked, “Why can I not visit this free man?” Then he was punched by guards aiming for his camera as they tried to drag him away. Then they were chased through the country. Most likely while Benny Hill music was playing.

A precarious scene ensued Thursday as one of the gray minivans chased our car at high speed on bumpy country roads for some 40 minutes.

When the dust settled, we counted a broken car, a damaged camera — and a “Batman” star disappointed at — but not shocked by — his failure to see a personal hero. CNN

Bale should have just stood there, waved his hands and said, “Me no speako English,” and in that moment of confusion, ran towards the house to get Chen’s autograph all while shrieking with excitement.

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