Demi Moore Already Has a Rebound Guy

The ink hasn’t even dried on the Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s divorce papers yet and Demi already has a rebound guy. To be fair, Ashton didn’t wait long either.

Radar says Demi is dating “beauty mogul to the stars” Scott Vincent-Borba. He’s the CEO of celebrity endorsed BORBA skin care products. Well la-dee-da, Mr. Fancy Pants.

“They have known each other a long time and he’s really been there for her by her side through the whole Ashton thing.”

“It’s easy for Scott-Vincent to keep his relationships a secret because he’s so often photographed hanging out with celebrity clientele,” the source said.

“But he’s head over heels for Demi and there’s definitely potential for a lasting relationship between them.”Radar Online

Another reason why it’s so easy to keep his relationships a secret is because no one cares about who he dates. Until now. That’s like saying I’m good at keeping my relationships a secret. Not because I’m a PR mastermind mind you. It’s because no one cares and I don’t have any. I’m so lonely!

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12 years ago

That dude is not into gina