Ice Cube Will Make Another ‘Friday’ Movie

A rep for Cube Vision Productions, Ice Cube’s studio, tells TMZ that another Friday sequel is in the works with all the original cast members returning. Including Chris Tucker. He must be tired of everyone calling him soft.

“Absolutely yes the studio is in the process of getting the entire original cast to do another ‘Friday.'”

The statement continues, “[Ice Cube] is very excited about this and has every intention to make it happen.”

Clearly, this is nothing but a cash grab. Ice Cube, Chris Tucker and whoever plays Debo all need money. Do people even want this? I mean, I was fine with all my memories of Friday slowly being replaced by images of Rebecca Black. Apparently Ice Cube wasn’t. Also, ten more years of dumbass kids shouting “You got knocked the f**k out!” on YouTube?  I’m thrilled.

  • Rmanuel

    Helllll yeaaa cntt wait for my boy smoky to come back!!!!

  • Dad

    Craig!!!  Beat Smokey’s ass this time, motherfucker!!!

    • Nostradumbass

      Besides, I’d rather see “Next Friday” part 43 instead of another fucking Tyler Perry abortion of a movie.

  • cookiemonster

    Shoulda called the movie ‘Payday’ instead.

  • Mminn12

    Yes i been waiting on smokey at the theaters first dae it come out

  • Mosthatedsnp

    Kant west to see da new “Friday” movie!!!

  • Chauncey6932

    Cube ,this couldn’t come at a better time. Keeping it O.G. WESTSIDER RIDER is the only way to roll this out. Stay up big homie G Daddy Brown.

  • Fganima

    It would b awesome to hqve chris tucker and mike epps on it

  • soQcrates

    Who gave you access to Ice Cube or Chris Tucker’a bank account? Your editor should get knocked the f**k out for allowing you write such a garbage article.

  • harris24

    Chris Tucker n Mike epps n ice cube mane Dats too trill

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