Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants You to See Her Cleavage

Jennifer Love Hewitt showed up at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball dressed like she’s single and ready to mingle. She’s hoping her cleavage will distract a man from realizing she’s a neurotic control freak. She’ll probably lay out a 5-year plan on a first date but the guy won’t realize it because he’ll be busy trying to motorboat her.

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12 years ago

This is so rude saying this about Jennifer Love Hewitt because she’s such a wonderful person! She’s so nice with everyone and she so not deserves this! Please just stop being disrespectful or mean and write something interresting.

Karen Rubio
12 years ago

It is so sad how people just don’t understand the meaning of the word “respect.” Jennifer has worked so hard to be at the place she is and some media does not acknowledge that, which is very sad since that’s their job. Why do we hate each other? What is it going to take for us, the human kind, to understand that at the end of the day we only have each other. What is it going to take for us to stop hating each other? Wasn’t the Holocaust, WWI, WWII, the Vietnam was enough? I’m so offended to read things like this.… Read more »

12 years ago

there is no doubt that you don’t know Jennifer Love HewittI wanna tell you a great news .I am female, 20,a young and big beautiful woman in US,i like the  connectb?w.c?m.under the name nancy099 It is so sad how people just don’t understand the meaning of the word “respect.”