Judge Praises Lindsay Lohan in Court

Lindsay Lohan showed up to court this morning for her probation hearing and unlike the other ones, Judge Sautner had nothing but good things to say. She’s even paid $100 of her $3,900 legal bill.

Judge Sautner tried something new … rather than just telling Lindsay to complete her community service in a year — or else — the judge created a very specific schedule, putting in a certain number of hours each month. And Lindsay has not only complied, she’s gone beyond the minimum. Sources tell us … Lindsay logged the requisite number of hours of community service and morgue duty, and she’s actually put in more therapy time than required. TMZ

That’s amazing! Lindsay did slightly more than the bare minimum. That compliment isn’t loaded with sarcasm either. It’s only slightly tinged with it. I’m honestly shocked. This is the same girl that bailed on her Ellen interview to promote herself because she was too busy partying in Hawaii that she missed her flight. What a glorious day indeed. One day, the judge might even call her “slightly above average.” That’ll bring a tear to the eyes of everyone.

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Meth Face United
Meth Face United
12 years ago

haha she looks like a dazed bird with her still average size but deformed from too many needle-pricks of juvederm or other fillers lips in sad attempt to make them appear larger. Ugly Band-Aid color glasses.  Praise the trasher for serving her mild punishment.  Yayy Rollin’ with Linzertard