Khloe Kardashian Allegedly Assaulted a Trannie

Can’t Khloe Kardashian get any love? Kim, though divorcing, made millions off her “marriage”. Kourtney’s having a 2nd baby. What about Khloe you say?

Younger sister Khloe, 27, is being sued by a transgender woman who claims the reality star assaulted her outside a Hollywood nightclub two years ago…

In the lawsuit, Spears says Khloe struck her “in and about her body,” although TMZ reports no one was arrested at the time.”NYDN

Striking someone in and about their body sounds sinister. It’s like she’s a Kung Fu Yeti who can cripple your organs without even touching you. She just needs a long white beard to stroke. And subtitles.

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skinnier cow
skinnier cow
12 years ago