Kris Humphries Had a Fake Marriage, May Be Gay

Kris Humphries states in his filing for annulment that Kim Kardashian tricked him into marriage just so she could get publicity for her show. He says he married for love while Kim married for ratings.

Sources close to Kris tell TMZ … Kris was not in on the alleged fraud, meaning he did not stage the marriage for Kim’s reality show. We’re told Kris wanted this to be a genuine marriage, but Kim was never really on board.

Kim has already filed for divorce — but according to the docs, obtained by TMZ — Kris wants Kim to pay his attorney’s fees. TMZ

Meanwhile, someone from inside Kim’s camp (her mom) implies to Star that Kris is a homothexual. A source said after Kim and Kris were married, Kris would rather watch Sportscenter than have sex with Kim. This was a little, how shall you say, queer.

“One night she came back to their hotel room in a trench coat … She lit candles, put on some music and started doing a sexy striptease. But Kris barely looked up from the TV! He was like, ‘Later babe. I’m watching SportsCenter now.'”

“Khloe asked Kim if she thought Kris might be gay. At first Kim thought that was ridiculous. But the more she thought about it, the more she wondered. There were signs.” Star Magazine

Was one of the signs the gigantic dildo Kris told Kim to stick up his butt during sex? Because that would be a big one.

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