Octomom Being Paid 6-Figures for Web Show

In bizarro world news, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman inked a 6-figure deal to star in her own show on Ustream. She will broadcast live from her home every Sunday to talk about, “Parenting, fitness, diet, nutrition, shopping on a budget and all those crazy rumors.”

There is no way this is true. First, the only parenting advice this woman has to give is to incubate eight babies in your uterus and hope for a 6 figure deal from a video streaming site. Second, if I know the internet and I’d like to think I do, the only questions that are going to be asked are how one can¬†exercise¬†after taking an arrow to the knee and “show your tits!”

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Mr Rubber
Mr Rubber
11 years ago

I would pay her 6 figures to jump off a fucking mountain.

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