Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis?

Jason Sudeikis has been linked to January Jones and then rumored to have gone out with Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johnasson and a few more. Now he’s dating Olivia Wilde. What the huh? He must be hilarious (read: gigantic penis).

A source tells the new Us Weekly — on stands Friday — that Wilde, 27, and Sudeikis, 36, haven’t been shy about their new romance. The SNL funnyman brought Wilde to the show’s afterparty at NYC’s Loi on Dec. 4. “They walked in holding hands,” says a source.

“She’s come to the [SNL] studio at Rockefeller Center, and they’ve gone out to dinner after rehearsals,” adds an insider. Us Weekly

I wouldn’t be shy about this romance either. In fact, if I was dating Olivia Wilde, I’d make a huge banner for whenever I go out that read, “I’m dating Olivia Wilde, f**k yea!,” then I’d push for a date in public and scream and wave for people to look at me. I can just imagine how many high fives I’d get walking down the street.

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12 years ago

women dont like pretty boys with stuck up personalities. Not hard to believe. us women mostly just want to laugh and be adored. something those pretty boys have a hard time with doing…

12 years ago
Reply to  Vfgdggg

don’t forget gigantic penis