Rooney Mara Has Strange Christmas Traditions

Rooney Mara appeared on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon and talked about some of her family’s holiday traditions. Being part of football royalty (her grandfathers are Tim Mara, founder of the NY Giants, and Art Rooney, founder of the Steelers) apparently lends itself to some creepy traditions.

For example, every year, one of her uncles dresses as Santa and, as per Christmas tradition, she and her forty relatives have to sit on his lap to get their presents. “It’s really embarrassing,” says Mara.

Somewhere out there Jerry Sandusky is buying a Santa Claus costume because he just came up with a great idea for a new family tradition.

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Rare Gem
Rare Gem

Rooney is strikingly beautiful although her hair isn’t naturally black, it looks stunning with her light eyes and lovely facial bone structure.  Also, it is nice to see a female who’s body isn’t littered in bad tattoos like bumper stickers all over a Ferrari. 

just your God
just your God

Good analogy…tats are a tasteless addition to a work of art.  Now, if the chick is fat and ugly – cover it up at all costs with anything!!!


What a hard life…

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