Snooki Sued for $7 Million

Snooki finally slimmed down to 98 pounds, which she showed off on Twitter with a bikini shot. Her body… looks pretty good. Ahh, what did I just say? Anyway, the celebration didn’t last too long because she was just hit with a $7 million lawsuit.

According to The New York Post, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi agreed to produce Snooki merchandise for SRG Ventures. However, Snooki pulled out of the deal in October claiming SRG wasn’t fulfilling their end of the deal. Now SRG is countersuing Snooki for $7 million alleging Snooki made separate deals behind their back.

SRG should count themselves lucky they didn’t lose a whole lot of money on clothes and shoes that reeked of sadness and despair and pickles. Honestly, have you ever heard one person who’s ever said, “I wish I could dress like Snooki?” Because if you have, you need to hit them in the head with a rock.

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FDA Director
FDA Director
12 years ago

I’ve heard if she scratches you, a fatal cootie fungus gets into your system.  It eats your brain first and your liver last.  That explains a lot.