Veena Malik Has a Controversial FHM Spread

Veena Malik is suing FHM India for allegedly doctoring her photos to make it seem like she was nude. She says the photos were published in violation of her agreement with FHM India.

Malik acknowledged having been photographed for a “bold but not nude shot.” She said the editor of the magazine had promised that he would cover most of the photo with the ISI initials.

The photo was intended to poke fun at the Indian fear of Pakistani spies, she said, adding “whatever happens (in India), people say ISI is behind that.” The Star

Meanwhile, editor Kabeer Sharma says he has the video to prove the pictures were not photoshopped. A somewhat controversial issue but, honestly, this was just an excuse for me to post pictures of Veena Malik. That is to say, titties! You can pretty much see her breasts through her shirt in one of the photos.

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