Alessandra Ambrosio Walked the Runway Pregnant

Alessandra Ambrosio is five months pregnant with her second kid but that didn’t stop her from walking the runway in Sao Paola for the Brazilian fashion line Colcci. Aw, gross.

The 30-year-old model, best known as one of Victoria’s Secret’s “Angels,” looked smashing at five months pregnant, wearing tiny shorts and short skirts to show off her long legs but looser fitting tops and dresses to accommodate her growing belly. NYDN

With how used to skinny models the attendees were, I wonder if they threw up a little in their mouths when Alessandra took the stage and if a few of them rushed to the bathroom to put a finger down their throats because they felt like they were catching some of the fatness.

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12 years ago

She is the most beautiful, desirable and edible woman on the planet.  Masturbation here I come!