Beyonce Hasn’t Given Birth Yet

Reports last week said staff at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital were gearing up for a big VIP who booked half the floor of the hospital’s luxury Labor and Delivery Suite. The assumption was it was Beyonce but there was always some doubt because she didn’t make a big spectacle about it like turning her hospital bed towards an open window so the whole world could see the baby come out of her.

Looks like our doubts were not unfounded because NYDN says Beyonce and Jay-Z had a quiet New Year’s Eve dinner at Buttermilk Channel in Brooklyn and Beyonce still had her enhanced baby bump. Solange, feeling a little left out, tweeted a confirmation, “Shout out to my sister for being THE cutest pregnant woman ever!” If she thinks that, then, clearly, Solange has been locked in the basement a little too long.

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10 years ago

Such a hater!!!! You should be hoping like you would any other family, that they have a healthy baby. 2012,to each of you expecting a new life… God Bless!! And she is beautiful, like all expecting women. You seem the one locked in a basement ur mind is drab and musty. Where’s your light!!

10 years ago

I love Beyonce’, i hope and pray her baby comes on today on my birthday. Jay z and she are the ideal couple.

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