Demi Moore Is 16 Again

My 24/7 coverage of Demi Moore is coming along nicely. The newest rumor is that the seizure Demi Moore allegedly suffered on Monday which brought her to the hospital to seek professional help may have been caused by whip-its aka nitrous oxide aka the drug of choice for high school kids and Steve-O who still has the mind of one.

The friend said she became upset when Demi had a reaction to a whip-it and lapsed into semi-consciousness.

It appears Demi had symptoms of a seizure — after inhaling the nitrous. TMZ

The only reason kids do whip-its is if they run out of weed or can’t afford ecstasy or coke. I don’t think Demi has either of those problems so based on nothing at all, Demi was probably doing it to impress an 18-year-old she was hoping to hook-up with to get back at Ashton Kutcher. Clearly.

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10 years ago

This is the wrong way to win Ashton back.

your celebrity tad
10 years ago

Demi Moore must be suffering from a severe depression now to this kind of thing. Well were glad she’s okay and let’s pray for her fast recovery and I hope she can overcome this problem of her in no time.

10 years ago

You do realize its merely laughing gas, the same exact thing you get when you go to the dentist if you ask for gas….It’s not some mysterious horrible toxic drug….

9 years ago

On the news and after hearing the emergency call, they said it was something she smoked. They said it was like marijuana but not, it was herbal spice…

And uh, I doubt that was an attempt to win Ashton back. People act like celebrities can’t be depressed or have moments of weakness like every other human being. 

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