Gabriel Aubry Has a Temper, Is a Little Racist

A criminal battery and child endangerment investigation has been launched following reports that Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry’s ex, allegedly pushed the nanny while baby Nahla was in her arms. Halle Berry has already arrived in court asking a judge to prohibit Gabriel from having any contact with their 3-year-old.

And before the alleged pushing, the nanny says Gabriel screamed at her and hurled a racial epithet. In addition, we’ve learned the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services is also conducting a child endangerment investigation.

TMZ has learned more about what nanny Alliance Kamdem has told the cops. Law enforcement sources tell us … Kamdem claims Gabriel repeatedly yelled and cursed at her, often while Nahla was present. Kamdem also says it got so bad … Gabriel would make her sit in a corner in his condo until he called for her.

Kamdem also claims Gabriel often yelled at Nahla, causing the child to cower and cry. And she told police … when Nahla had a rash he refused to treat it. TMZ

Not to make light of child endangerment but the part where it says Gabriel made her sit in the corner is slightly ambiguous to where I’m just thinking he made the nanny sit in the corner. Though she was probably talking about Nahla.

The only way this story could be less horrendous is if he made her put on a dunce cap too. Because kids sitting in corners staring at the wall with a big cone hat on always makes me giggle.

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