Gina Carano Is ‘Handsome’

Haywire, Gina Carano’s first feature film, has been getting very positive reviews. Currently tracking at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (but with only six reviews, that’s not saying much), Haywire is on its way to becoming Carano’s first step in being Hollywood’s go-to female action star.

Anyway, The Hollywood Reporter came out with their review in which they call Gina Carano “a handsome, black-haired hardbody who wears an evening dress as easily as she does a hoodie.”

Hm, “handsome.” Basically how one would describe a lead male actor. Granted, I guess it’s hard to find an adjective to best describe her bad-assery. Gorgeous wouldn’t quite let you know she could kick your ass. I wouldn’t have used handsome though. There aren’t a lot of girls that would consider that a compliment. Unless they’re A-Rod’s girlfriend.

Check out the first five minutes of Haywire under the cut.

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