Hazel Jones Offered $1M for Her Two Vaginas

News is slow today so how about this woman with two vaginas? 27-year-old Hazel Jones, who’s kind of hot, was born with uterus didelphys which caused her to develop 2 vaginal canals with 2 openings. The British celebrity told The Sun that she and her husband regularly shows them off at sex clubs around the UK.

Vivid Entertainment head Steve Hirsch naturally started foaming at the mouth and has now offered Hazel $1m to appear in a video with a pornstar of her choice.

“You are obviously an extraordinary woman and I would like to make you an offer to star in an upcoming Vivid production. We would pay you up to $1 million for your services.”

“We would fly you out to L.A. as soon as you are available and provide you with first class accommodations.” TMZ

Can you imagine the ramifications of two vaginas? Forget about double penetration. Think triple. I mean, if two dudes in one chick wasn’t questionably gay enough, imagine how sexually confusing three dudes slamming their penii into one girl would be. I wouldn’t know whether to jerk it or join

Quick update: Hazel says she never received any offers and would never consider doing it in a million years. She just wants to be left alone. Which works really well when you have your agent schedule tv appearances for you.

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I wonder if she could legally marry two people at the same time, that is if she predesignated one per vagina. 

Herman Bumfudle


Herman Bumfudle


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