How Ashton Felt After Finding Out About Demi Moore’s Hospitalization

Ashton Kutcher won’t answer any questions about Demi Moore’s hospitalization but it’s safe to assume he heard the news even while he was in Sao Paulo for Fashion Week.

TMZ has exclusive video of Ashton at a Bruno Mars concert in Brazil one night after Demi suffering a supposed seizure from doing whip-its. He probably heard about the incident right before this video was taken. Let’s see how he reacts.

Wow. What the hell was that? You can tell he wants to get into it but doesn’t want to go all out so he’s only sort of half-fist pumping while his other hand is in his pocket. It’s like if Clark Kent were at a Burno Mars concert.

And if you’d like, here’s Ashton looking like a dweeb in animated gif form on the next page.

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12 years ago

Shes in get over that 70’s douche mode..

Over it
Over it
12 years ago

He’s like…”AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!…what a dumb ass!”