Jennifer Lopez Is in a Swimsuit

Have you been waiting for new photos of Jennifer Lopez in a swimsuit? If you responded with an emphatic, “meh,” then you’re in luck because look what I have for you and your indifference. The aforementioned Jennifer Lopez swimsuit pictures. Behold!

Speaking of Jennifer Lopez, Celebitchy transcribed a portion of her Matt Lauer interview that was pretty laughable. Talking about her kids,

Lauer: They’re privileged. Does that worry you at all?
Lopez: I think about it. I loved my upbringing. I’ve tried to give them the same thing, just in a bigger house. The same family, they grew up around their cousins and their aunts, just like I did. The same foods, they eat the same foods I did when I was growing up. You know, I try to just keep what was so good about growing up Puerto Rican in the Bronx, lower middle class family. The same things, the same values that were important to my mom and my dad and what I’ve learned from that upbringing I’ve tried to bring to them.

As Celebitchy notes, her spread in PEOPLE featured a $3,000 stroller and she also showed off their nautical themed nursery with chandeliers. The only way those kids will ever be exposed to lower middle class family values is when she takes them to the homeless shelter to laugh at all the poor people.

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