Justin Bieber Could Be a Girl According to Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon was interviewed by MTV News and was informed that Justin Bieber is really, really interested in remaking Fear. Confused, Reese Witherspoon asked, “Would he be playing me or is he playing Mark Wahlberg?”

Haha, get it, because Justin Bieber is so androgynous that he could be cast as either a male or female.

Joking aside, that could work to his benefit. Justin could pick whatever role he thinks is the juciest. All he has to do is ask himself, “How badly do I want to be fingered on a roller coaster ride?” Probably, very.

Video after the jump for reference. Interview on page 2.

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12 years ago

Whoa! MTV has news! MTV Entert-ain…us…an-us…Oh yeah! Heh heh. Anus. Heh heh.

Hid Coil
Hid Coil
12 years ago

Hes just jealous