Justin Bieber Wants to Be the New Marky Mark

In an effort to expand into movies because every singer has that unrealistic dream, Justin Bieber is reportedly obsessed with a Fear remake hoping it’d not only serve as a breakthrough role for him as it did Mark Wahlberg, but will give him an edge. That or he just wants to fake rape a chick and finger a girl on a roller coaster ride. What a sicko.

There are currently no plans to remake Fear, released by Universal Pictures in 1996. But Justin Bieber is rumored to be obsessed with the movie, which finds Mark Wahlberg playing the psychotic boyfriend of Reese Witherspoon, who torments both her and her family. Throughout the course of its runtime, his David McCall rapes a young woman played by Alyssa Milano, beheads a beloved family pet, carves tattoos into his chest, breaks the neck of a family friend, beats himself up, and threatens to shoot Justin Bieber’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation co-star William Petersen (see the connection there?) point blank in the top of the head. Not to mention the most iconic scene, where he fingers Reese on a roller coaster to the tune of The Sunday’s Wild Horses. Movieweb

Every child star wants to at some point stop being viewed as a child star. The quickest way for that to happen is to do what Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears did which is consume lots of drugs and go crazy. Doing adult movies only lets people know how terrible of an actor you are.

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