Kelly Brook Is a Good Lingerie Model

Kelly Brook is in a new advertisement for her New Look underwear range. The promos for it are just her in her underwear. As it should be. What did you expect? A burka?

Anyway, Brook tells Now magazine that she thinks girls should embrace their body and push up their tits as high as they can. Did I mention I really like Kelly Brook as a role model? She’s also collected Agent Provocateur underwear since she was 19, wears Victoria Secret bras and has a rainbow collection of Costella thongs.

Kelly confesses that she sleeps without pjs opting to wear only a spritz of her own signature scent. As for keeping in shape. Kelly walks every where, goes to steam rooms and has “plenty of sex.”

It’s like someone ran my personality through a computer program and told her everything to say to make me fall in love with her.

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12 years ago

Without a doubt, the PERFECT woman. Call me, Kelly :)