Lindsay Lohan Sued For Hitting a Nanny, Launching a Baby

Back in 2010, a nanny claimed Lindsay Lohan blew through a red light in her Maserati hitting her and, in the process, the stroller she was pushing. A witness says 3 of the 4 wheels on the stroller went airborne. The child wasn’t injured but the nanny says she was and now she’s suing. Naturally. The witness told TMZ, “She was in shock and Hispanic so she was scared.”

I like how her being Hispanic is directly related to her being scared like she thought ICE was going to rush in and deport her at the request of Lindsay who wanted to keep things “on the down low.”

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Surgeon General
Surgeon General
12 years ago

It’s pretty sad when more people would f**k her wax model from Madame What’s Her Name’s as opposed to LL’s infected pussy…