Lindsay Lohan Up Against Megan Fox

Lindsay Lohan says she’s in the mix for the role of Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime biopic but she may be up against stiff competition. Larry Thompson, executive producer of Lifetime’s Liz and Dick told E! News that, while he has been in talks with Lindsay and her reps, he’s also been talking to other actresses including Megan Fox.

“It’s a very serious selection,” Thompson continued. “It’s like casting for Hollywood royalty.” E! News

Apparently in this guy’s world, Hollywood royalty includes Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox. And he must be talking about another Megan Fox because the real Megan Fox’s career isn’t falling so fast that she’s already being shuffled off the big screen and into Lifetime movies. Unless by talks he means “left a message on her machine begging for her to call him back” then, yea, in that case, I’m also in talks with Megan Fox and I assure you, my weeping is much more professional than that guy’s.

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