Mark Wahlberg Blames It All on Men’s Journal

You can’t blame Mark Wahlberg for anything Mark Wahlberg said. Mark Wahlberg takes no responsibility for Mark Wahlberg. Sure, Mark Wahlberg implied victims of 9/11 were pussies for not disarming the terrorists and safely landing the plane like Mark Wahlberg would have done but that comment was taken out of context. Appearing on the Kid Kraddick Show last Friday, Mark Wahlberg explained:

“I don’t go out doing publicity for movies or a magazine cover talking about what’s important to me. I want to promote the movie and whatever questions they want to ask me I am more than comfortable talking about. But it wasn’t a Q&A (question and answer) where it was the exact question and my exact response. It was somebody’s interpretation of it and you know… that’s not OK because I don’t want people to be offended. I would never do that.”

In the interview, Mark Wahlberg also says he doesn’t masturbate anymore. Now he’s offended by that too.

“This guy is asking me about sexual questions and I’m married and I have four kids, how inappropriate is that?”

Celebrities are more often than not idiots. They live life one sentence at a time. The only way they can think ahead is if it’s written on a piece of paper for them. If it wasn’t for their publicists and agents, they’d swim off the edge of their infinity pools like lemmings.

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12 years ago

So if you’re married with kids, you don’t masturbate? That might be the main reason someone WOULD masturbate.