Of Course Rumer Willis Was There

When you’re taken to the hospital for trying to recapture your youth by doing whip-its and spice then of course it stands to reason there must have been someone there under 25 to assist you. That someone was apparently Demi Moore’s daughter, Rumer Willis, who is strongly suggested to have been present. In the 911 tape, you can hear the person asking, “What is the address Ru?”

Meanwhile, “experts” (you mean me? because I said this the day the call came out) say Demi Moore was smoking the synthetic weed K2 Spice.

Demi Moore may have been sent to the hospital after she smoked K2 Spice, a cheap herbal incense that mimics marijuana, experts speculated yesterday.

K2 Spice is temporarily illegal under a special order issued by the Drug Enforcement Administration last year. Officials are studying whether it should be made permanently illegal. Page Six

That must have been a frustrating conversation between Rumer and her mother. “You mean this is like that Reefer? And it’s called the K2 Spices?” Meanwhile, Rumer is shaking her head in embarrassment trying to remember why she thought getting high with her mom was a good idea in the first place.

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Suzanne Rosenorn
12 years ago

So Demi does drugs with her kids? That not a good role model mother