Paula Abdul Fired From ‘X Factor’

All the mumbling and giggling in the world couldn’t save Paula Abdul. According to Deadline, 3 of the 5 judges on X Factor have been given the axe. Steve Jones is back in the UK doing whatever it is the English do, Nicole Scherzinger is back trying to make her music listenable and Paula Abdul, who only heard the news from a lawyer, is back, um, well, she’s back home. None of the three left by choice.

No word yet on who Simon Cowell is choosing to join him and L.A. Reid on the judges panel for Season 2 but can we finally get Cheryl Cole over here? She’s way better than Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. I hear her smile could make finding out that you had cancer seem like rolling around in a pile of kittens.

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12 years ago

Why do they always dump the junkie?