Rihanna and Chris Brown Have Been Hooking Up

Remember when Chris Brown punched Rihanna in the face a couple hundred times? Rihanna doesn’t. A new report by Us Weekly says the two, who were forcibly separated by the court, have been hooking up for nearly a year.

The edgy, platinum-selling “We Found Love” singer and Brown “meet up very casually,” a Brown confidante says. “She comes to see him anytime she’s in L.A.”
Explains a music industry source: “They can’t get enough of each other. I don’t see it ending well.”
“Rihanna loves to live dangerously, and talking to and hooking up with Chris is all part of that,” adds a Rihanna insider. Us Weekly

What’s worse is Chris Brown has a girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. A rep for Brown says he’s not cheating and that he and Rihanna are just friends.

But not like Tran cares anyway. Friends say Tran knows Chris is cheating, suspecting Chris’ studio is where all the hookups take place, but  Tran “won’t give him up for a few discretions.” In plain English, Tran would like to ride Chris’ coattails as long as she can. In her warped gold digger mind, somehow this relationship is going to lead to more modeling jobs.

The source adds, “Chris is a really passionate guy…He’s still a hothead and he does what he wants . . . He’ll go off the grid she’ll wonder what’s going on, but at the moment Chris and Karrueche are still a couple.”

And why wouldn’t they be? Karrueche isn’t finished punching her meal ticket just yet or, um, vice versa.

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