Snooki Planning a Boob Job

Now that Snooki is down to 102 pounds, it’s the perfect time for a boob job. She’s planning on one “very soon, very soon.”

Snooki and JWoww dropped by E! to promote the fifth season of Jersey Shore and told them she hopes to have it done “in the next couple of months.”

She’s not going up a cup size though. She just wants them to defy gravity. “They’re a good size now, but I want them like this when I’m not wearing a bra,” she said, cupping and lifting her chest up. As for the person who’s going to see Snooki bra-less, my prayers are with you.

JWoww says she’s definitely taking Snooki to her doctor and, in a show of sisterhood, JWoww said, “I’ll go in and get mine redone to make her feel better.” Oh, I’m sure that’ll make Snooki feel better to see her hotter friend’s big tits perkier than ever. Real confidence builder right there.

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Dr Cock
Dr Cock
12 years ago

Cool.  Maybe she’ll put one in the middle of her forehead!