The Actress Suing IMDB Revealed. Again

Back in October, an actress anonymously sued Amazon, owners of IMDB, for revealing her age. She says in the $1 million lawsuit that IMDB discovered her date of birth from the credit card she used to sign up for IMDB Pro and then used that info to put her true age in her bio without her consent. The problem with that is that she’s near 40 and alleges that listing that particular info combined with the rampant age discrimination in Hollywood will be detrimental to her career because no studio will hire an old bat. Especially a crazy old bat.

Anyway, thanks to the internet sleuths that read The Blemish, notably Erica, this mystery was solved 1 day after the story broke. Her name was Junie Hoang, real name Huong Hoang. But, since no one pays attention to the site because I make too many penis jokes to be credible, it took 3 months for this info to reach the mainstream. Granted, the mainstream wanted “confirmation” and “proof” (ooo, big words!). Well, that’s what they got today when Junie revealed her identity in a new court filing. Not by choice, mind you, but because Amazon asked a federal judge to force her to reveal herself, a demand the judge ruled that Hoang had to comply with or else have her case dismissed.

Ahh, sweet vindication. I’m going to masturbate to myself in the mirror now because I’m not done congratulating myself.

Side note: Before IMDB revealed her age, she scored roles in Gingerbread Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver and Hoodrats 2: Hoodrat Warriors. Now that her name and age have been highly publicized, it’s safe to say Junie can say goodbye to Gingerbread Man 4 and Hoodrats 3. Damn and those could have been her breakthrough roles!

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12 years ago

She sucky sucky