The Kardashians Want Their Own Magazine

In their quest for all Kardashian coverage all the time, the family of highly trained fame whores are close to be landing a deal with American Media Inc, the owners of Star, The National Enquirer and Shape, to launch a tabloid dedicated solely to the themselves. Basically using self-published articles about their own lives as some sort of perverted masturbatory aid.

Sources say the family will be heavily involved editorially, of course, and while Kris Jenner won’t be editor-in-chief, she’ll be pulling the strings like some sort of deranged puppet master.

It’s suspected the magazine will be similar to Kim Kardashian’s blog where she posts about her family and plugs any sponsor that will pay her. Expect every article to stroke at least one Kardashian ego followed by three paragraphs explaining why you should buy a certain weight loss product that doesn’t work and then two more paragraphs of “look at me! look at me!” I can’t wait!

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10 years ago

It’s like she’s not even a person anymore, just a walking billboard or commercial product. 1 step above automaton.

Chris Pennanen
10 years ago


Oh, and @cookiemonster: Kim Kardashian thinks of herself as a brand, she has actually said so.

10 years ago

Why do women watch these stupid fake scripted nonreality show?

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