Christina Hendricks Gives Us Her ‘I Was an Ugly Kid’ Story

Christina Hendricks told the Mirror that she had the worst high school experience ever and was constantly bullied for being a goth. She says she grew up feeling “ugly, awkward and horrible.” Yea, it’s going to be another one of those stories.

“My school days were pretty unhappy. I had the worst high school experience ever. I went to a very mean school and was bullied like crazy.

“I was a bit of a goth with purple hair and I was also part of the drama group, so my friends and I were all weird theatre people and everyone just hated us.

“There was a long corridor with lockers on either side and kids would sit on top of them and spit on you. It was like something out of Lord of the Flies.” The Mirror

Well, I’d hate to see how that hallway looked at the end of school every day. From that description, I imagine there were dried up loogies lining the floor. You have to wonder, who had it harder, her or the guy who had to clean that up every single evening.

A natural blonde, she began dying her hair red aged 10 – to be like the heroine of children’s book Anne of Green Gables. Then in her early teens, the family moved to Fairfax, Virginia.

Christina says: “The girls there had purses and I still had my backpack from Idaho.

“Moving as a teenager is never easy. So I tried to set myself apart and it ended up with multi-coloured hair. It was how I was expressing myself.

“I was a goth kid. I dyed my hair about 42 different colours, shaved it at the back and wore black make-up. Kids can be pretty judgmental about people who are different.

So instead of buying a purse, she bought 42 different colors of hair dye, shaved the back of her head and put on black make-up. Makes sense.

“But instead of breaking down and conforming, I stood firm. That is also probably why I was unhappy.

“My mother was mortified and kept telling me how horrible and ugly I looked. Strangers would walk by with a look of shock on their face, so I never felt pretty. I just always felt awkward.

“If I could go back and tell my 14-year-old self anything it would be, ‘Don’t worry. You’re going to be doing exactly what you want to be doing and those people who are a***holes now are still going to be a***holes in 20 years. So let it go!’”

And look at Christina Hendricks now. Voted Sexiest Woman in the World because she has a 38DD-32-38 figure. The very important lesson I learned from this story is big tits make everything better.

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11 years ago

The writer of this “article” is a sexist jackass.